Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sharapova Purses

Timed perfectly with the annual Wimbledon fashion furore, the first range of accessories was unveiled in a catwalk show with three-times Grand Slam winner Sharapova as model. Among the collection, worked in silver, pale pink and grey, there's the requisite mobile phone gizmos: a holder to attach phone to handbags; an armband for sportswear - as well as a clasp purse and pink credit card holder.

Paris Hilton. An authentic Chanel handbag retails from around $1,500 USD

The Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke Hayden Panettiere Designer Handbag. Emma Roberts designed for Dooney & Bourke. Hayden will have her Dooney & Bourke bag go on sale beginning December later this year at $500.

Jessica Alba is one of my personal favorite ladies. She is classy and sexy- don’t you wish you could be more like her Paris? I happen to love this lady’s bags, and on her way to get her hair done she was carrying quite the cute bag.
Become a Convert(ible)
We love convertibles — both the cars and bags. We love convertible bags because they are so versatile and can be used in more than one way. They are like the Transformers of the fashion world, and we have several new ones that you will love.

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