Thursday, April 05, 2007 : Serena won't conform -- will it cost a spot in history?

"When I see Serena Williams play as dominating a match as she did against Maria Sharapova [in Key Biscayne], I'm almost more frustrated with Williams. Not with how she's playing now (stellar) but at the years she wasted in Hollywood. She could have gone down as the best ever, don't you think?
-- Ken Schneck, Bronxville, N.Y.
I see your point, though you leave yourself open to the inevitable rebuttal of, 'She had a death in the family. This swoon was not all about velvet ropes and eating coconut shrimp at premieres.' Personally, I've reached a point with Serena in particular where I accept the contradictions and the wavering commitment as part of the gestalt and move on. A prominent male player recently dismissed Serena to me as 'a talent abuser.' This echoes Chris Evert's sentiments from last year, too."